Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT™) is a novel assessment and treatment system that uncovers and corrects compensation patterns in the body. Through injuries, poor posture, habits, or learned movement patterns, the body creates compensations which can often lead to pain, compromised function and performance.  

For example, let’s say you have a sore and tight low back. Massage, stretching and chiropractic adjustments are temporarily helpful, but don’t solve the problem. What if the low back is sore and tight because it’s overworking for underworking abs? Using NKT™, it’s possible to uncover relationships like these, reset the patterns, and create lasting relief. NKT™ takes a whole body, functional approach to movement and body mechanics. It is also unique as it works with the motor control centre of the brain to change faulty patterns at the source - the brain and nervous system itself. NKT™ is gentle, yet powerful. If you’re not sure why you always get pain in an area whenever you do a particular activity, have a thorough, functional assessment, including NKT™.

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