Infancy Chiropractic Care

Children of all ages have musculoskeletal disorders and pain. Scientific research shows that early treatment and therapy can lead to improved long-term outcomes in your child's health and physical activity skills (Wrotnink BH et al. Pediatrics 2006).

Labour and delivery can be a tough process, there are a lot of forces and pressures being exerted on your baby as it enters into the world. This can sometimes be difficult and traumatic for the baby, especially if medical interventions such as forceps, are used to assist in the delivery. Many injuries, such as muscle or joint injuries, can occur during the delivery. Signs your infant is experiencing pain include excessive unexplained crying, early cessation of breastfeeding, inability to rotate their neck equally side to side, or not being able to sleep comfortably on their back.  

Similar to adults, there are very safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic treatments for infants and young children that can help remove spinal fixations and muscle imbalances, and reduce pain.

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