Functional Movement Screening

Many chronic conditions result from years of poor posture, habits, or repetitive motion.  Even traumatic injuries like sprains and strains are often the result of faulty body mechanics.  Muscle imbalances, lack of flexibility and stability cause compensation and faulty movements.  The Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) allows analysis of your movement patterns, so that imbalances and limitations may be identified. A series of 7 fundamental movements are performed and assessed to identify asymmetries and weaknesses.  Corrective exercises are prescribed to restore balanced movement and appropriate stability. When you're moving properly, the risk of injury is reduced, and gains in performance are often seen.

Reduced injury means less time off the field, less time off work, and saves you money by potentially avoiding expensive healthcare and rehabilitation programs.  

The FMS™ has been used with US military organizations, numerous professional sports teams, firefighters, as well as active individuals of varying ability levels and across a variety of sports and activities.

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