Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion examines movement and posture through the lens of gait. As humans, we are hard-wired to walk. Every joint goes through a three-dimensional range of motion in the 0.65-0.8 seconds from heel strike to toe off. Limitations in movement (from a previous injury, for example) can cause other parts of the body to pick up the slack and compensate. These altered movement patterns can lead to pain. We can provide an opportunity for the body organize itself in a more efficient, centred way, by allowing the body to experience full range of motion, and effortless, efficient movement. Producing change at the feet can effect change up the chain, and vice-versa.

An Anatomy in Motion session begins with a thorough postural, movement, and gait assessment. Foam wedges are used to help the feet move into areas they don't typically move and to encourage the body to experience forgotten movements. 

Anatomy in Motion sessions are available as a stand-alone service with Dr. Jared Gerston, but is often used in conjunction with other assessment and treatment methods.

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